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Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosach

[Entrance Quotes]

1. Avengers, Defenders, Justice League, Teen Titans, X-Men, Doom Patrol, Guardians of The Galaxy, Young Justice, 15 Court Guard Squads, Z-Fighters, Fairy Tail, Leaf Village Ninja, I make any team sound better.

2. You think you can defeat a Human/Saiyan/Kryptonian/Devil/God/Mutant/Vampire/Werewolf/Soul Reaper/Hollow/Arrancar/Fullbringer/Quincy Hybrid like me?

3. I don't judge someone by gender, skin, age, or sexuality, I judge them by fighting skills and as people.

[Win Quotes]

1. Told you I Am The Crimson Avenger.

2. This fight was over before it started.

3. Now that was a fun match but train harder and get back to me!

[Result Quotes]

1. So No Hard Feelings right?

2. If you ever need a trainer, let me know.

3. I'll admit, you lasted longer than I thought, should join my own team of Avengers.

[Activating X-Power]


[Switched In]

Here We Go!

[Switched In After One Ally Is Killed]


[Switched In After Both Allies Are Killed]


[Calling Assist]

Ready When You Are!

[After Calling Assist]

No Problem!

[Defeated by a Light Attack]


[Defeated by a Heavy Attack]


[Quotes to Rangiku Matsumoto Shanley]

Rangiku-hime let's do this! [Entrance]

You did good my love, but you need more training. [Win]

Rangiku-hime, I'm proud of you for being this strong and beautiful. [Results]

Ran-hime! [Switch]

[Quotes to Sosuke Aizen]

You are the lamest excuse for a father Aizen. Don't know why the internet bashes Goku's parenting skills. [Entrance]

It's over Aizen, your defeat was unavoidable. [Win]

And stay away from your daughters-in-law and grandchildren on all holidays! [Results]

Aizen! [Switch]

[Quotes to Erza Scarlet Shanley]

Got an armor that can finally defeat me Erza-hime? If you win, I'll award you witj Strawberry Cheese Cakes. [Entrance]

Looks like I win again Erza-hime, let's have a ramen night. [Win]

You did great Erza-hime, your gonna need more training without armor in case you go up against Magneto or anyone else with Magnetisim. [Results]

Benihime! [Switch]

[Quotes to Rias Gremory Shanley]

[Entrance] Don't hold back on me Ri-hime or no sex or anime!

[Win] Your strong Rias-hime but you still neef to amp up your training.

[Results] I'm proud of you Benihime, came a long way from being a playful otaku devil girl.

[Switch] Benihime!

[Quotes to Akeno Himejima Shanley]

[Entrance] Unleash your powerful storm Akeno-hime.

[Win] You lost to me Akeno-hime, time to get punished for failure.

[Results] I know you lost on purpose for this Akeno-hime, but I don't want to see you slack off against someone like Aizen and Frieza in the near future.

[Switch] Akeno-hime!

[Quotes to Shiroka (Inner Moka) Akashiya Shanley]

Shiroka-hime, let's have a fight worth remembering! [Entrance]

Looks like I win my Shirohime. [Win]

You've gotten much stronger Shiroka-hime, expecially with Saiyan Blood through you. [Results]

Shirohime! [Switch]

[Quotes when teaming up with The Avengers (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Deadpool, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Luke Cage, Ronin, Dr. Strange, etc.)]

Avengers Assemble! [Entrance]

There's a reason why we're called Earth's Mightiest Heroes. We always fight the Good Fight. [Win]

[Quotes to Son Jona Alucard]

Jona, I'm not going easy on you because we're family or because your a woman. [Entrance]

Looks like I win again. [Win]

I feel kinda insulted that you held back Jona. [Results]

Jona! [Switch]

[Quotes to Teaming Up with Son Jona Alucard]

Never underestimate family bub! [Entrance]

The Brother Sister Duo won, deal with it bub. [Win]

Our family is complete and better off with our [i]father[/i]. [Results]

[Quotes to Son Goku]

Yo, Son Goku (Refrence to Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return!), ready for the next spar? [Entrance]

Looks like I won again Goku. [Win]

You keep getting stronger everyday Goku. Definitely deserve to be called Japan's Superman. [Results]

Goku! [Switch]

[Quotes to Gayward Homollen (Edward Cullen)]


Not surprising that the Real Vampires won. Now die! [Win]

I did it! I saved the world from your fraudness Edward Cullen or should I say...Gayward Homollen?

Gayward! [Switch]

[Quotes to Fakecob White (Jacob Black)]

You faker, leave being a Werewolf to the real Lycanthropes. [Entrance]

You wouldn't even pass for being a Freak Show Attraction or Cryptid. [Win]

It's a disgrace that your werewolf form is just a normal wolf but as big as a horse. [Results]

Fakecob! [Switch]

[Quotes to Markipliar]

[Entrance] Oh my God, I fucking love your videos and let's plays Mark! Autograph?

[Win] This doesn't affect your decision to give me an autograph does it?

[Results] I get to appear alongside your let's play videos for defeating you right Markipliar?

[Switch] Mark!

[Quotes to Ichigo Kurosaki]

[Entrance] It's been a while since we last spared Ichigo.

[Win] You did awesome Ichigo but it wasn't enough.

[Results] Your my best friend Ichigo and strong, I, Iron Man, and Captain America made the right choice making you an Avenger.

[Switch] Ichigo!

[Quotes to Sasuke Uchiha]

[Entrance] Oh great, I get to fight the gayest of all Uchihas. *Sarcasam*

[Win] This fight was over before it even started.

[Results] The only good Uchihas are your sexy MILF, Itachi, and Shuhei.

[Switch] Sauce Gay!

[Quotes to Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze]

[Entrance] The Red Knight vs The Orange Hokage of The Hidden Leaf. A historic battle.

[Win] The Red Knight triumphs once more against The Orange Foxy Hokage.

[Results] Take my advice and use your Shadow Clones to train and learn more jutsu and chakra control. Your teachers are negligant and played favorites as well as being perverts.

[Switch] Naruto!

[Quotes to Tsunade Senju Shanley]

[Entrance] Let's see what my wife of a Hokage can do as a Saiyan!

[Win] That was superior moves Tsu-hime, but my Wood Style wins this round.

[Results] For putting up a good fight, I'll award you with sex and booze.

[Switch] Tsu-hime!

[Quotes to Goku Black]

[Entrance] Ugh, now Goku has a Metal Sonic and Elvis Impersonator.

[Win] Same moves and abilities but completely weak.

[Results] Though I do like your Super Saiyan Rosé form. Unique and badass. Also your black with purple/pink outlined Kamehameha. I hate you for switching bodies with one of my best friends/brother-in-laws and killing off my family and innocent men, women, and children!

[Switch] Black!

[Quotes to Muramasa (Zanpakuto)]

[Entrance] Just my luck, a Zanpakuto named after the same sword that can negate Healing Factors.

[Win] You'll never brainwash Zanpakutos as long as I'm around.

[Results] Looks like I get to fight another day.

[Switch] Muramasa!

[Quotes to Freddy Krueger]

[Entrance] It's an honor to battle against The King of Nightmares and my first horror movie franchise.

[Win] Looks like I've conquered my Nightmares.

[Rsults] I'll send you back to Hell Krueger where you belong!

[Switch] Freddy Krueger!

[Quotes to Jason Voorhees]

[Entrance] The Legendary Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th, it's a huge honor.

[Win] Looks like I have defeated the living tank.

[Results] I'm truly sorry about what happend to you and your mother but don't blame every camper or person of the human race as whole.

[Switch] Jason Voorhees!

[Quotes to Michael Meyers]

[Entrance] Now I'm up against Michael Freakin' Meyers, this is insane.

[Win] Not even Michael can defeat me.

[Results] I can understand killing your father but your sister is going too far.

[Switch] Michael Freakin' Meyers!

[Quotes to Ryoko Matoi Shanley]

[Entrence] Come at me Ryuko-hime!

[Win] Looks like I win Ryuko-hime, time for your tickle torture and your panties shown.

[Results] I'm really proud of you Ryu-hime.

[Switch] Ryu-hime!

[Quotes to Satsuki Kiryuin Shanley]

[Entrence] Let's do this Satsuki-hime! Your blade against Yamato!

[Win] Sorry Satsuki-hime, but Yamato wins this round.

[Results] I'm proud that you abandoned your tyrany ways Sats-hime.

[Switch] Sats-hime!

[Quotes to The Animatronics of Five Nights at Freddy's]


[Win] *Panting for air* You...Won't...Hurt...Anyone...Anymore...


[Switch] Freddy/Toy Freddy/Nightmare Freddy/Phantom Freddy/Fredbear (Golden Freddy)! Bonnie/Toy Bonnie/Nightmare Bonnie/Springbonnie (Golden Bonnie/Pre-Springtrap)! Chica/Toy Chica/Nightmare Chica/Phantom Chica! Foxy/Mangle/Nightmare Foxy/Phantom Mangle!

[Quotes to Springtrap]

[Entrance] Trust me when I said I'm Afraid of you but my hatred of what you did in life overpowers my fear Springtrap.


[Results] This is the End! Getsuga Tenshō!

[Switch] Springtrap/Purple Guy!

[Quotes to The Marionette]

[Entrance] Oh great, not The Marionette. You always make me paranoid in FNAF2.

[Win] Now stay in that box you creep!

[Reaults] It's not you kid, it's the puppet your possessing.

[Switch] Puppet/Marionette!

[Quotes to Son Goku (Dragon Ball Evolution)]

[Entrance] Fake! Phoney! Charlatan! You are! Now Goku knows how Elvis felt! After he died.

[Win] There! Your dead! See you in Hell!

[Results] We should call you Faku or Fakarot.

[Switch] Faku!

[Quotes to Slenderman]

[Entrence] So the Legendary Slenderman graces me with his presence.

[Win] Found all 8 Pages and kicked your creepypasta ass.

[Results] Finally defeated the legendary Slenderman.

[Switch] Slenderman!

[Quotes to Sonic.EXE]

[Entrance] A demonic version of Sonic. And I thought Metal Sonic was the only badass version of an evil Sonic.

[Win] If it were up to me, you'd appear in the Sonic Games like how Mephiles the Dark is to Shadow.

[Results] Not kidding, you'd definitely be like The Mephiles the Dark to Sonic's Shadow.

[Switch] Sonic.EXE!

[Quotes to Pokémon Trainer Red]

[Entrance] The Legendary Red! My favorite color and the badass trainer with a badass team!

[Win] Who's the legendary "Red" Trainer now?

[Results] My team consites of Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Dragonite, & Mewtwo.

[Switch] Red/Pikachu/Charizard/Blastoise/Venusaur/Lapras/Snorlax!

[Quotes to The 10 Tails]

[Entrance] Was hoping The 10-Tails would be a wolf.

[Win] You the most powerful? Humph. Nothing but a candle to an inferno

[Results] Vergil would happily destroy you.

[Switch] 10 Tails!

[Quotes to Arachne Gorgon Shanley]

[Entrance] If I win Arachne-hime, we'll have sex on a Spider Web.

[Win] Looks like it's my victory my Spider-Woman.

[Results] I love you Arachne-hime, now and always.

[Switch] Arachne-hime!

[Quotes to Medusa Gorgon Shanley]

[Entrance] Let's Go Medusa-hime!

[Win] I win Med-hime, time for sex.

[Results] I'm glad your no longer a bitchy Mom anymore Medusa-hime.

[Switch] Medusa-hime!

[Quotes to Mizore Shirayuki Shanley]

[Entrance] Let's go Snow Bunny.

[Win] I win Miz-hime, let me tickle you and my eyes are hungry for your panties.

[Results] Stalking me like an animal deserves a spanking punishment my Snow Bunny.

[Switch] Snow Bunny!

[Quotes to Kurumu Kuno Shanley]

[Entrance] Let's have fun Kuru-hime!

[Win] I win Kurumu-hime, time for more fun in our room.

[Results] You keep getting stronger everyday my beautiful Succubus.

[Switch] Kuru-hime!

[Quotes to Moka Akashiya Shanley]

[Entrance] As long as your okay with it Moka-hime.

[Win] Hope I didn't hurt you too bad Moka-hime.

[Results] I'm proud at how strong your getting Moka-hime. Here's some blood.

[Switch] Moka-hime!

[Quotes to Retsu Unohana Shanley/Yachiru Kenpachi Shanley]

[Entrance] Let's do this Uno-hime! A Kenpachi by name vs a Kenpachi by title/alias.

[Win] Looks like my middle name won't be Patrick again.

[Results] This time...let me heal you with my "rod."

[Switch] Uno-hime!

[Quotes to Yoruichi Shihōin Shanley]

[Entrance] Speed Force vs Flash Step. Which one is gonna win Yoru-hime?

[Win] Sorry babe, but The Speed Force always triumphs.

[Results] I'm always proud of you my Chocolate Blur.

[Switch] Yoru-hime!

[Quotes to Akaokamiryumochi]

[Entrance] Let's go my Red Wolf Dragon!

[Win] Looks like I win again honey.

[Results] At least your not under Muramasa's mind control honey.

[Switch] Akaokamiryumochi-hime!

[Quotes to Sakkamira Akayume]

[Entrance] Have At Thee Akayume-hime.

[Win] I win hon, let's eat.

[Results] Your illusions are way better than Kyoka Suigetsu. Like a mix between Mysterio's illusions and Scarecrow's Fear Toxin.

[Switch] Akayume-hime!

[Quotes to himself]

[Entrance] Clones...I hate clones...troublesome since Spider-Man's Clone Saga with Ben Reily and Kaine.

[Win] Go back to Hell you faker! There's only room for one me.

[Results] Wonder who created him? Jackal? Loki? Dr. Eggman? A Reigi? Lex Luthor? Professor Zoom? Wesker? Mundus?

[Switch] Handsome Looking Model!

[Quotes to Isshin Shiba Kurosaki]

[Entrence] Really Isshin? You wanna get flat like a pancake?

[Win] Hardly a surprise Isshin, you got soft after not being a Soul Reaper for years.


[Switch] Goat Faced Idiot!

[Quotes to Trunks Shanley (My son instead of Vegeta's)]

[Entrence] Come on Trunks. Let your old man teach you some moves.

[Win] Sorry son, looks like you need more training.

[Results] No matter what Trunks, I'm always proud to be your father.

[Switch] Trunks!

[Quotes to Rukia Kuchiki Shanley]

[Entrence] Let's go Ruki-hime!

[Win] I won Rukia-hime.

[Results] You don't have to thank me Rukia-hime. I saved you because I love you and you only broke the law for a heroic cause.

[Switch] Ruki-hime!

[Quotes to Frieza]

[Entrence] You wanted a rematch Frieza, you got it you tyrant bastard!


[Results] Just an alien version of Osborn and The Joker put together.

[Switch] Frieza!

[Quotes to Broly]

[Entrence] This rampage must end Broly! Got enough to deal with The Hulk in his episodes!

[Win] Legendary Super Saiyan my ass. Gold beats Green any day.

[Results] Seriously Broly, it's natural for babies to cry.

[Switch] Broly!

[Quotes to Gotenks]

[Entrence] Let's see how strong you are kids!

[Win] Meh, that was good but you need to train a little more.

[Results] Gotenks seriously, it's good to be a jokester and taunter most times, but you have to get serious when it comes to it. Take Batman's Rouges Gallery for example.

[Switch] Gotenks!

[Quotes to Vegito]

[Entrence] Come at me with everything you got Vegito!

[Win] Phew! Your defiantly not The Greatest Fusion for nothing.

[Results] Good thing the Potara Fusion isn't as permanent to you two as it does to Surpreme Kais.

[Switch] Vegito!

[Quotes to Vegeta]

[Entrance] Let's Fight Vegeta! As friends rather than foes.

[Win] I won Vegeta.

[Results] From asshole to hero. I'm very proud of you right now Vegeta as a friend. Made the right choice picking you for my personal Avengers team.

[Switch] Vegeta!

[Quotes to Gogeta]

[Entrance] It was fun fighting Goku or Vegeta or at the same time, it's gonna be more fun fighting Gogeta!

[Win] Strong but I'm Stronger.

[Results] That would be a great idea. I can imagine me, you, and Vegito trying a 3 way fusion.

[Switch] Gogeta!

[Quotes to Super Majin Buu]



[Results] AND STAY IN HELL!!

[Switch] Super Majin Buu!

[Quotes to Buuhan]




[Switch] Buuhan!

[Quotes to Lord Beerus]

[Entrence] Been a while since we last fought Lord Beerus.

[Win] Looks like I win m'lord, my teacher.

[Results] How about I cook a victory meal for us. Your more of a dad to me than Aizen. I'm glad I made The God of Destruction a better person.

[Switch] Lord Beerus!

[Quotes to Grandheart D. William]

[Entrance] You look powerful. This will be fun!

[Win] As powerful as you are, it's not enough against me, but I hope you'll come back stronger though!

[Results] That was a fun and tough battle! I can't wait until you get stronger! Jackpot!

[Switch] Will!

[Quotes to Toriko]

[Entrence] Toriko, Goku tells me your strong! I can't wait to go all out and try your cooking!

[Win] You didn't disappoint me Toriko, you are strong! Now let's try your cooking.

[Results] Man, Goku wasn't kidding! You are a great hunter, near my level of cooking!

[Switch] Toriko, eat it up!

[Quotes to Zebra]

[Entrence] Zebra, the only one getting cocky is you, you hypocrite. Though since your name is Zebra, you should wear a lot of white with black stripes.

[Win] This is what happens to hypocrites when they face me.

[Results] Even worse than Vegeta when we first met him and your even ugly like The Slit-Mouthed Woman.

[Switch] Zebra! Time to Dig In!

[Quotes to Roronoa Zoro (TheSlasherChaos' Version)]

[Entrance] smell different...

[Win] Your stronger than my Zoro before I taught him ki and just as fun.

[Results] My Erza-hime or not, you hurt her or break her heart Roronoa Zoro MK.II, I'll hunt you down and make you wish you were dead.

[Switch] Zoro 2.0!

[Quotes to Hit]

[Entrence] Yo Hit! Up for a rematch?

[Win] You've gotten stronger with your Time Skip Hit, but I win again.

[Results] You sure you don't wanna stay in Universe 7 and join my Avengers Team? We have donughts!

[Switch] Hit!

[Quotes against Karoly]

[Entrence] Goku...are you in control of this fusion?

[Win] Whew, you are. Good, but exciting to fight the fusion of my brother-in-law and The Legendary Super Saiyan!

[Results] Just only wish Broly is an ally rather than a raging Hulk like Saiyan.

[Switch] Karoly!

[Quotes Against Cabba]

[Entrence] Cabba let's spar, I want to see the results of your training!

[Win] So you have unlocked Super Saiyan 2, 3, Super Saiyan God 2, 3, Super Saiyan Titan 2, 3, Super Saiyan Cosmic 2, and 3. I'm impressed!

[Results] Sure, I'll help you gain a tail for the last 2 forms!

[Switch] Cabba!

[Quotes Against Frost]

[Entrence] Frost, I hate to tell you this but Frieza is one of the most evilist and powerful tyrant villains I have ever met.

[Win] I'm glad your not evil like he is Frost. Frieza put the Saiyan Race to near extinction because he fears that one Saiyan or more will become Super Saiyans.

[Results] You are definitely not like Frieza Frost. Your pure and heroic. I'll help you to see if I can unlock your Golden Form.

[Switch] Frost!

[Quotes Against Xicor]

[Entrence] You maybe Goku's son, but your a bastard son. As far as I'm concerned, we're not family.

[Win] Your no God Xicor. Your the Devil.

[Results] We're only family by Goku's blood. Not by ideals and heart.

[Switch] Xicor!

[Quotes to Sora (Kingdom Hearts)]

[Entrence] Don't disappoint me Keyblade Weilder.

[Win] That was interesting but the odds were in my favor.

[Results] Your friends with those stupid Disney Characters?! I'll make them pay for buying out Marvel Comics and Star Wars like prostitutes!

[Switch] Sora!

[Quotes to Marshall D. Thatch Blackbeard]

[Entrance] So your this world's version of Legendary Pirate Icon Edward Teach a.k.a. Blackbeard.

[Win] Same name but more powerful and potential than The Blackbeard of my world's history and movies.

[Results] I'm already with The Straw Hat Pirates you villainous swine. Like I'd ever team up with a criminal willingly.

[Switch] Blackbeard!

[Quotes Against Cloud Strife]

[Entrance] A fellow Swordsman. This will be fun.

[Win] Your a natural with that large blade. I know from my own experience.

[Results] If you want I can help further your skills in the ways of the sword. Come find me if your interested.

[Switch] Cloud!
The Marvel vs Capcom battle quotes done for my OC-Ego Character Cade Kenpachi Shanley . For anyone confused on who Son Jona Alucard is, she is the female OC-Ego and character of, my RP best buddy of the whole Multiverse. Grandheart D. William is the OC-Ego Character of…. Inspired by… 's Death Battle Character Quotes.
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Kira192015 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
You do realize Frost is evil right? It's all an act. He covertly starts wars and then publicly ends them in order to keep up a good image. He even cheated during the Universe 6 arc by using poison to beat Goku and Piccolo.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Tell that to the guy who recommend that I get quotes against Frieza's Universe 6 Counterpart.  TheSlasherChaos.
Kira192015 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Oh. Okay. I just didn't know if u knew or not. Although I do wish Frost was a good guy. I would have loved to see someone from Frieza's race break the evil stereotype.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Well they're species are sometimes called "Frost Demons". The clue is in the name.
Kira192015 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
True. But if Devil May Cry has taught me anything, it's that sometimes demons can be the good guys too!
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
So true! XD
Kira192015 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Welp. Imma start working on one of my OC's soon. When I post it maybe you can check it out.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Sure thing.
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Here is a new one for Sora against you.

[Entrance] Heh you look strong. Lets spar!

[Win] Heh I can't wait to fight you again!

[Results] I need to look for my friends now. See you later.

[Switch] Cade!
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
[Quotes to Sora (Kingdom Hearts)]

[Entrence] Don't disappoint me Keyblade Weilder.

[Win] That was interesting but the odds were in my favor.

[Results] Your friends with those stupid Disney Characters?! I'll make them pay for buying out Marvel Comics and Star Wars like prostitutes!

[Switch] Sora!
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Alright here is one for DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures.

[Entrance] You seriously think you can defeat me?

[Win] Stay down there, you maggot!

[Results] All of that was just useless!

[Switch] Tch...
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Dio Brando. Look him up, he is one awesome character. He goes by DIO in Part 4 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, think of a vampire version of Hit with blonde hair and massive ego.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
Because I can't do interactions with characters I don't know so well.
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Ah okay. He has the same voice as that Phenex guy.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
That douche bag?!
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Jhnmichael2010 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016
Very good bro and i guess i forgot a few quotes that will be fixed easily
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016
Thanks! And yeah.
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Interesting. Nice quotes.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Thanks. I should try to do quotes against the Marvel and DC Heroes and Villians and all of the other characters of their respective universes. I can do a battle quote against you if you want.
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Okay I wanna see what you will come up for some quotes against my OC Grandheart D. William.
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
To start me off, give me his battle quotes against me.
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Will this be alright?

Underestimate me and you will regret it. [Entrance]

Geeze, do better next time, alright? [Win]

That was fun. Pwehahaha!! Time to get back to my crew. [Results]

Your time! [Switch]
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
That'll work

[Entrance] You look powerful. This will be fun!

[Win] As powerful as you are, it's not enough against me, but I hope you'll come back stronger though!

[Results] That was a fun and tough battle! I can't wait until you get stronger! Jackpot!

[Switch] Will!
TheSlasherChaos Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Alright, can I do one for Toriko and my version of Zoro?
spider-man999 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
Sure. Even though me and Johnny never got into Toriko yet.
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